MK Tyres are now a key dealer for Westlake Tyres in County Louth.

The Westlake Tyres sport rs semi slick racing Tyre is now available at MK Tyres.

MK Tyre Sales.

MK Tyres can supply any make of new tyres from their premises in Ardee, Co.Louth. If your tyres need replacing we have some of the largest stocks in the Northeast and very competitive prices to match.

Tyres are one of the key safety components of any vehicle but very often over looked, at MK Tyres we offer free tyre inspections and pressure checks meaning you can always be sure to be safe.

Tyre Pressures

Important for safety, ride and fuel economy

You can find out the right tyre pressures for your car in the handbook or on a sticker inside the fuel filler flap or driver’s door. Remember that pressures are quoted for cold tyres and that you will probably have to increase pressures when you carry heavy loads.

In general the handbook or stickers will show two figures, one for ‘normal’ use and a higher figure for full loads. Be sure to adjust the pressures to suit the conditions.

When you check the pressures take a bit of time to check the tread for wear and also to look for cuts, or bulges on the sidewalls. You should get any cut checked out by a tyre specialist, while a bulge indicates damage to the internal structure of the tyre which must be replaced.  Always remember to check your tyre pressures when your tyres are cool to get an accurate result.

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