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Dunlop Winter Sport 5 wakeboarding challenge

Motorists looking for tyres that offer superb grip in wet conditions this winter need to check out this amazingly ‘genuinely dangerous’ video made to promote the launch of Dunlop’s extreme weather car tyre, the Winter Sport 5.

Shot on the Holy Island causeway in the North East of England, where more than 30 cars have been lost to the tide on the road so far this year, the short film features World Champion wakeboarder Nick Davies being towed and doing stunts behind a car driven by current British Touring Car Championship rookie of the year, Josh it floods!

Maintaining the grip and the performance of the tyres to enable them to disperse the foaming water was crucial to the success of the film…as you can see for yourself if you click here.

Launched on Dunlop’s social media and YouTube channels last month, the video received more than 70,000 views in the first 24 hours and has apparently now been watched more than 210,000 times on YouTube.

Tony Ward, marketing manager for Dunlop tyres, said: “The challenge was designed to show that even in the most extreme of wet conditions the tyre provides excellent grip, good enough to pull a wakeboarder.”

The release of the video coincided with the news that the new Dunlop Winter Sport 5 was given the sought after Recommended position in the influential annual winter tyre test carried out by Auto Express. Its performance was particularly strong in Snow Handling, Curved Aquaplaning and Wet Braking, while the tyre also took first place in the Rolling Resistance test.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office